Take 2

I’m going to write here for a bit while I decide whether to set up a whole new space for the forthcoming 2011 trip.  There’s something nice about leaving tuttle2texas as a completed artefact, but also something attractive about keeping the continuity.  It’s all tied up too in whether talking about Texas is too confusing – it’s really about a coast-to-coast trip that includes a big chunk of time in Texas. Open to ideas on this one, as ever.


I am going again.  My plan is still to start somewhere on the West Coast at the beginning of March, take my time to get over to Austin for the opening of Interactive & Film on 11th.  I’d like to get a Gold Pass this year and see more of the Film festival as well as hanging out with my webby pals.

And then onto all the places we visited last year to see how those new friends are getting on and give them a taste of what the rest of the adventure was like.

I want to do the bulk of the journey by train again.  It’s an excellent creative constraint to be held to the timetable.  I’m going to try to let go of any other rules completely.

So for starters, I don’t know where to start on the West Coast.  There’s something nice about beginning in Long Beach with the #tuttlela crowd but I’m also aching to see San Francisco, Portland and Seattle *and* ideally too, I’d love to stop off in Alpine TX just before SXSW to see my mate Hugh in his native surroundings. I may be being greedy here, it has been known.

So your first task is help me decide – tell me where to start and why. And then how, in an ideal world, I’d make my way to Austin.

Secondly, I’m going to focus on *my* journey rather than try to get a bunch of people to come along with me and do it all together.  It’s just too complex.  I am going.  If you want to come with me for any leg of the trip or meet up in any of the cities I visit, then you are very welcome to do so, but it’s up to you to work out the details.

Thirdly, I want to create some collaborative, lasting, social artefact for people to contribute to whether they’re able to join in, in the States, or not.  It’s as poorly thought through as that so far.  Ideas welcome.  If you’re somewhere on or near the route and you have fun things to do there that I could join in with also let me know, a theme might emerge…

I’m starting to refine the pitch for sponsors.  If you have a client who you think would be interested in being associated with this thing, let me know.