Gearing up for SXSWi 2011

There are a couple of things coming up that I wanted to let you know about.

Firstly, the panel picker for SXSWi 2011 is going live on Monday 9th August.?? I've submitted a suggestion for a session talking about this year's trip and what we learned and it will be really helpful if you can find my panel and vote for, comment, blog and microblog on it and encourage all of your friends to do the same, twice.?? Naturally I'll point you to the right place ad nauseam when it all comes out next week

Here's the blurb I wrote for it:

"On March 2nd 2010 members of London's Tuttle Club set off for SXSWi. The plan for the following 2 weeks was to travel from Boston to Austin by train, meeting up with friends from the social web as we went and just see what happened. We've since coined the term Social Art Field Trip to describe sort of thing ??? where Social Art is the ???skilfull bringing together of people online and off- to create a sense of beauty???. Armed with cameras, phones & netbooks, we were ready to make something beautiful and interesting by building new relationships and documenting our journey as we went.

We gained huge support from our friends but set out with less money than we thought we needed. Yet we made it and, on our way to Texas, we were repeatedly blown away by the kindness of strangers. From the ukulele-playing old folk in Maryland to the lady in NOLA who left us the keys to her home in the mailbox, we came back with stories galore of kindness and generosity facilitated by the social web.

Our session tells this story of hope, determination and making do with what you have. It shows how powerful the social web can be when applied to organising people to do cool stuff. It shows how social capital built up on the web can be leveraged for real-world results even if those results aren't directly measurable in cashflow. It shows how creative collaboration thrives among highly-connected people and how we make gorgeous and unexpected things happen when we ask the whole our social graph for help."

Of course, implicit in this is the idea that we're all going to go again.?? My current ideal scenario is that we travel in the other direction next year.?? That is, we start on the west coast shortly before the festival and then travel back through the cities we went to last year doing tweetups with screenings of the movie as we go.

The movie??? Oh yeah, didn't I say that bit??? Yeah.?? The plan is to have a short to enter into the SXSWi Film Festival too, out of the 24 or so hours of video that Heather and Michelle shot over the two weeks of their bit of the trip.

Heather's going to be getting it off the DV tape in a couple of week's time.?? Then when we have it in an easier-to-distribute format we need to transcribe it – we have notes of what's on each tape, but to pull the whole story out, we need a full transcription.

So we're going to make it into something that you can all join in, if you want to.?? We'll chop all 24 hours of it into digestible chunks and allow you to download them, transcribe the contents and submit the transcription to a central repository.?? If you have ideas about how to make it all less of a chore for us all, that would be cool.

We'll give you more details when we're ready to go but I wanted to let you know what we were up to.?? Oh, and if you've any ideas about how you'd like to take part in or otherwise help with next year's trip, just give me a shout.


4 thoughts on “Gearing up for SXSWi 2011

  1. Great ideas Lloyd! Really enjoyed our chat re: the struggle between those of us advocating collaboration & those whose engagement is political…Best with this!Ray

  2. Thanks Ray!I keep meaning to say thank you again for the copy of "Telling True Stories" that you gave me when we went out on the tour. It’s full of fantastic stuff that’s been really useful and inspiring to me.You should also know that the picture of you on the wall at C4CC that I took when you were driving and which has a glinting fleur-de-lys on your hat is the one that catches most visitors’ eye. Everyone wants to know who you are and why we were with you. And I tell ’em 🙂

  3. I’ll think of a way I can participate next year…By the way, I have just read a large batch of your daily reports – it works really well reading several in one go! Good stuff.

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